How long have you been in business? Capital City DJ Services has been in business since 2010.

How much experience do you have? DJ Clinton Walford has 18 years of experience providing music for bars/nightclubs, corporate functions, sporting events, schools, weddings, radio, and more!

Can I meet with you?
Yes! I prefer to setup a meeting at a location and time chosen by you.

Do you require a deposit? Yes, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your event date with me.

How far do you travel? I am willing to travel as far as Duncan from Victoria with no fuel or overnight hotel expense. Anything past Duncan may incur fuel fees and/or overnight hotel accommodations.

What amount of room do you need? The basic DJ system requires about 8 foot wide & 5 foot deep. Our larger setups requires approx 15 feet wide by 5 feet deep. More space maybe needed with added video screens or other requested equipment.

When do you arrive? I prefer to setup up as early as possible on the day of the event & then arrive when requested.

Does the DJ takes requests? Yes!

Do you dress up for events? I dress appropriately for all events.

Do I have to sign a contract? Yes, this is to protect both of us so there is no discrepancy on price, time, or any other details.


I hope some of your questions have been answered. Please feel free to contact me regarding your next event! – Clinton