Every event booked with Capital City DJ Services comes basic dance floor lighting. This is usually 4 different types of lights that activate, move, and change color to the music. This style of dance lighting compliments most events up to 150 people in small to medium sized venues. Our premium package comes with computer programmed intelligent lighting. This means we can control every aspect of our light show including color, movement, shapes, and many other special effects the light produces.




An elegant lighting effect we proudly offer at Capital City DJ Service is uplighting. Adding uplighting is one of the most dramatic ways to change the appearance of any space. We only use the best high end fixtures for uplighting, and today those lights are very colorful and extremely bright LEDs.

There are many great reasons why we use LEDs. One reason is that they use very little power. You can uplight an entire room with as many fixtures as you want, without worrying about tripping circuit breakers. LEDs lights are also a great way for Capital City DJ Services to reduce our carbon foot print and be green wherever we go!

Another benefit with LED lights is that you can uplight things in a safe way. Drapes, table cloths, curtains, etc are safe at close range without any chance of fire or burning anyone (because they produce little or no heat).

The best thing about LED uplighting is being able produce any color and color palette you want. All the lights could be one color, or each individual light a different color, the possibilities are endless! Our LEDs can also fade slow-med-fast plus strobe or go with the music and they also produce color temperatures perfect for photos/film/TV etc.

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